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About Us

Industrious Mont Belvieu

We’ve rebranded as Industrious Mont Belvieu and we’re (re)opening our doors in April! We hope you’ll explore our offerings and consider visiting us for our Grand Re-Opening!

My name is Jeff Smith. I grew up playing team sports but my fitness journey really began in after trying a bootcamp fitness class. The class was tough and I didn’t want to go back, but the challenge and camaraderie kept me hooked. In 2012, I tried my first CrossFit workout, and the rest, as they say, is history. Fueled by passion and a desire to share my experiences, I opened my gym in 2014, and it’s been evolving ever since.

All are welcome at Industrious, but people who embrace hard work in their daily lives typically thrive the most at Industrious.

We are built for people who are ready to take the hard work and effort they apply to other areas of their life and apply it to their fitness.

People who apply hard work to their fitness, often see great incredible results not only inside the gym, but outside the gym too, improving their lives holistically.

This is why our motto is Work Hard. Live Fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Gym will be closed for a brief period (about a week) while we renovate and install new equipment. We'll be sure to communicate exact dates as we get closer. We promise it will be worth the wait!

Nope! We currently have no plans to change membership rates.

A HALO is your own dedicated workout space. It's roughly 169 square feet and contains things like:

  • An Olympic Barbell
  • Olympic Plates by Rogue
  • A Rogue Monster Rack, equipped with Pull up Bar and Wall Ball target.
  • An AssaultRunner
  • A Concept2 Bike
  • A Concept2 Rower

Did we mention there's room for two? A HALO can be shared with a partner!

Yes and no. In our class (now called Industrious 50) we do functional fitness (rooted in CrossFit like always) but all within a your own personal workout space called a 'HALO'. The programming will be specifically designed to maximize the HALO, which makes for a better, faster workout. We're cutting out the fluff and doing the most effective movements to get you fit!

Our classes are now called 'Industrious 50' and thanks to the HALO system, class times will be reduced to 50 minutes. You'll get a BETTER workout in LESS time!

In addition to the change in format, we're excited to announce we'll be adding more class times! Keep an eye out for an updated class schedule.

Industrious is an amazing fitness franchise! We've teamed up with them so our staff can focus more YOU and YOUR fitness, helping you become the best version of yourself.

Industrious programming is rooted in CrossFit and shares the same principals. So, it's the same in many ways, but it's different in others. For example, we cut out some movements that may be considered "CrossFit". We don't flip tires. We don't get inverted. We know what gets you fit so we just do that!

What is Industrious?


We discuss the brand, the halo system, the transition and HOW it will benefit you!

Included in every membership

We believe this class is the best possible way to spend 50 minutes. We’ll challenge you to work harder, dig deeper, and break through barriers to unlock your inner badass.

The HALO™ is a 13’x13’ dedicated workout station containing everything you need for a fast, efficient, effective workout so you can get your sweat on and then go crush your day.

We make it easy to track your health and fitness progress. All memberships include monthly InBody 570™ scans.

New Class Schedule

Effective January 8th, 2024